Which Us? Performances of Safety and Belonging in the Kenton Neighborhood

There is something that doesnt feel right about a group of European-American artists (of which I was a part) curating a show about music in the Kenton neighborhood, without acknowledging how our presence (through Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, opened in the neighborhood 2007) is a related to dis-/re- investment trends of preceeding decades. 

The publicity for the show reflects the change in the neighborhood without discussing it directly. Here is a press release of the show.  Here is the K12 news coverage of the Kenton Audio Walk. Here is the article publish in Oregon Artswatch. Its as if this exhibition gave all these news sources an outlet to celebrate the connection between contemporary art and the Kenton neighborhood, without acknowledging the mechanisms behind these shifting plate tectonics.  

Investment into North Portland infrastructure (new max lines, urban renewal zones, bike lanes and grocery stores) requires (especially creatives) to ask: what happens when my possession depends on your dispossession, now or in the past? 

Here are clips from a performance I did in response to the experience of creating The Music That Makes Us. Thank you to Tahni Holt, Daniel Lasunscet, Bryan Suereth, and the Social Practice cohort at PSU, without whom the materials of this piece would not have precipitated.